I was born and raised over on the west side of the mountains for the first half of my life – Born in Puyallup and lived in Tacoma until my parents decided they wanted to move us across the mountains to a little ole’ town called Spirit Lake, Idaho. Before I knew it I was in 7th grade living in a town of 4,000 and all I had was music and sports to keep me busy.

I still remember being 12 years old and listening to Kanye West’s “College Dropout” for the first time, and the rest was history. I was a Hip-Hop Head from that point on. Throwbacks, new stuff, underground, west coast, east coast it doesn’t matter…. if it’s a well produced beat and there’s lyrics – I’m interested in it.

I eventually decided to head on down to Boise State University to study Communications, and grabbed my first radio job creating spots for a talk radio station …. but I needed music. Eventually I made Kanye’s First Album a reality in Boise, and moved back up to Spokane. After a little hard work, and a lot of talking …. Here we are!