Rotimi – Bestie

Rotimi, an artist who effortlessly traverses the realms of music and acting, is a rising star on the global entertainment stage. Born in Hoboken, New Jersey, Rotimi Akinosho first gained recognition for his acting talent, including his role as Dre in the hit TV series “Power.” However, it’s his prowess in the music world that has made him a true multi-hyphenate.

Rotimi’s music is an intoxicating blend of R&B and Afrobeat influences, and his smooth vocals have garnered acclaim from fans and critics alike. His hit single “In My Bed” and collaborations with artists like Wale and Akon have solidified his status as a prominent figure in contemporary R&B. His music is not only characterized by catchy hooks and soulful melodies but also infused with cultural richness, reflecting his Nigerian heritage.
As Rotimi continues to make waves in both music and acting, his versatile talents promise a future filled with groundbreaking performances and captivating music that will undoubtedly resonate with audiences worldwide.